group shows

2018 Immersion, Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis MN (USA)
2018 Monty Python, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles CA (USA)
2017 Focus Feature, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles CA (USA)
2017 IlluxCon 2017, Main Show Artist, Reading PA (USA)
2017 Enchanted Brush - Vilains Mazza Museum, Findlay OH (USA)
2017 It came from beneath the sea Haven Gallery, Northport NY (USA)
2017 A World of Fae Krab Jab Studio, Seattle WA (USA)
2016 Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition Kosart Gallery, Westmont IL (USA)
2016 IlluxCon 2016, Main Show Artist, Reading PA (USA)
2016 Arboreal Dreams: The Forest Krab Jab Studio, Seattle WA (USA)
2015 Beauties of the Night Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah IL (USA)
2015 Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition Kosart Gallery, Westmont IL (USA)
2014 Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition Kosart Gallery, Westmont IL (USA)
2013 Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition Kosart Gallery, Westmont IL (USA)


2018 Tutorial, The importance of storytelling, Imagine FX issue #161
2017 Sketching from the imagination, dark arts, 3D Total
2017 Mythical Beasts: an artist's field guide to designing fantasy creatures, 3D Total
2017 Tutorial, Here be dragons, Graphite Magazine3D Total issue #03
2017 Infected by Art, art annual
2016 Tutorial, How to paint a woodland Fae, Imagine FX
2016 Sketchbooks Vol. 3, special, Imagine FX
2016 Sketchbook, April issue, Imagine FX
2016 Sketchbooks Vol. 3, Imagine FX
2016 Infected by Art, art annual
2015 13 artists changing the face of horror, Creative Bloq
2015 FXPosé Traditional, Imagine FX
2015 Infected by Art, art annual
2014 Infected by Art, art annual
2013 Infected by Art, art annual
2012 Infected by Art, art annual

online interviews

Your Creative Push - podcast

Independent artist - podcast Dan Ekis.

Chiustream - interview, stream with Bobby Chiu from Schoolism